Salt Water Taffy Fundraising Program


Everyone Will Love It

Salt Water Taffy is a unique alternative that sells very well offering 60% profit for your organization.  Our program is easy to use by everyone, especially the organizers.  We supply you with order forms, master sheets, bags and delivery to a single location within most of Ontario . We can also deliver outside of Ontario!


With some of our most popular flavour choices, gourmet quality and retail pricing that offers value starting at only $11, the benefits are worth serious consideration. 


The completed order form information may be easily transferred to the respective “master sheet”. The result: easy handling and distribution. 

Easy As 1, 2, 3

STEP #1: Receive free order forms and run your campaign (usually 10-14 days) 

STEP #2: Place your order and pay for the product (just order what you sold) 

STEP #3: Receive your taffy (Turn around 1-3 weeks) 

Your Profits...

  Assorted Mix or Sassy Sours Mix
COST: $6.75 SELL: $11.00 PROFIT: $4.25 or 63%

Sugar Free Assorted
COST: $8.25 SELL: $13.50 PROFIT: $5.25 or 63%

Depending on where you are located, a delivery surcharge may be required for some remote areas or to locations outside of Ontario or on orders below 100 bags.

How To Get Started

Simply give us a call at 705-204-0847, email us at or visit us in store at 11 Taylor Road in Bracebridge, ON. We will provide you with your fundraiser kit and you can get started right away!